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From David Austin Roses, shipping zones throughout the United States and projected ship dates.
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From David Austin Roses comes the rich pink rose known as Brother Cadfael.
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From David Austin Roses comes the perfectly formed blossoms of Rosa 'Gental Hermione.'
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The 2011 catalog Handbook of Roses from David Austin Roses.

Now is the time
to make choices and put in orders for bare root roses to ensure that the
varieties you want are available when you’re ready to plant, whether that time
is this week or several months away.

The bare root
rose shipping season to the warmest areas of the country starts in January, but
it only lasts in that region through February. Other areas will ship later, in
March or April or May, but everywhere the shipping windows remain narrow since bare
root roses are shipped at the optimal planting time for any local area.

“Bare root rose
shipments are coordinated very carefully,” says Michael Marriott, technical
manager of David Austin Roses. “The goal is to ship the roses when the local
planting conditions are just right. Not before. Not after. The time to plant
bare root roses is when they will root best, thus ensuring best performance for
the life of that rose.”

The correct
planting window in any area, says Marriott, is when the ground is no longer
frozen but is cool and pliable, not overly wet and clammy, and daytime air
temperatures are under 70 degrees F. Planting during the optimal window gives
the plant the time and energy to establish strong roots, he says.

David Austin
Roses, which ships its famous English Garden Roses from its U.S.-growing fields
in Tyler, Texas,
divides the country into six major shipping zones. The earliest zones, which
include the deep southeast, southern Texas and
Arizona, Hawaii
and California,
ship in January/February. The last states to ship include those in the upper Midwest,
northern New England and parts of Alaska,
which receive their roses in April/May.

Bare root roses
are live plants that are shipped without any soil, in special packing material
that keeps the roots damp and healthy. They arrive ready for planting directly
into the garden.

When roses
arrive, first check to make sure they made the journey OK. The roses will have
no leaves or flowers, but the stalks should be firm and healthy, the roots damp
with no signs of rot or fungus. If all is in order, re-seal the box and store
it in a cool, frost-free spot until you are ready to plant. Storing cool is
important, never store bare root roses in a heated room.

prior to planting, the roots of bare root roses should be soaked in cool water
for several hours or overnight. The plants may be totally submerged, canes and
all, if desired. While not optimal, the plants may be soaked for several days,
generally without harm.

All David Austin
roses sold in the United
States are specially selected for American
growing conditions and climate zones. All are grown and shipped within the United States
with planting instructions enclosed.

David Austin’s
award-winning catalog, The Handbook of
, is a rose lovers’ delight, available at no charge. To order, visit the
David Austin Roses website,
call 800-328-8893, or write to David Austin Roses Limited, 15059 State Highway 64 West, Tyler, TX