Next Years' Garden for Next to Nothing

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Here I go again already thinking about next springs garden. But I’ve recently found ways to garden next year more cost effectively. Some of these ideas you may want to start getting prepared for now, so you can garden for next to nothing next year.

You can grow seeds outdoors in the winter and your don’t need a greenhouse! Bat will just love this one because I’ve been wanting a greenhouse forever. How is it done?

Well, you can sow seeds into mini greenhouses made from recyclables and after they are sown, you place them outside till the end of winter. As the weather warms the seeds start to germinate. You can find out more by going to the Winter Sown website. I’m starting to save my recyclables now.

How about a Seed Exchange- where you can try new plants without spending too much (you will have to pay for postage). Well I thought about doing one here and I had the website up and ready until I found out that there are many good ones already going. There’s a seed exchange at the Backyard Gardener Seed ExchangeThe Garden Web seed exchange and the Blossom Swap Seed Exchange plus many more listed on the Internet.

Did you have too many hostas, lilies, or say black-eyed susan’s this past summer. Well, get ready this spring there always seems to be a local perennial exchange. My library holds one every year and I’ve always thought about going and this year I will do it. I already know which plants I want to exchange -the black-eyed susan’s have just took over my flower garden this year and I know someone will want some. If your community doesn’t have a perennial exchange maybe you can exchange with friends or neighbors.

Then the ultimate way to garden for next to nothing is to save your seeds. You’ll be able to grow wonderful pumpkins, heirloom beans, and tomatoes all from the seeds you saved this year. You just can’t get any cheaper than that!

Maybe I can exchange some of my cinderalla pumpkin seeds later.