Little Signs of Spring

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I woke up early this weekend, happy to have a warm and sunny day in our garden.  It’s only February, but the feeling of spring was in the air.  There are lots of pleasant chores to do in the garden at this time of year, but first I grabbed my camera to capture the essence of a beautiful spring morning at Cowlick Cottage Farm.

I never tire of the constantly changing scene in the adjacent pecan grove that abuts our rose hedge.  The other day, I saw the entire herd of cows chase a red fox off into the woods! I am certain they were protecting the newest members of their family, the wobbly little calves.

These beautiful blossoms are Golden Snow Peas. I love their beautiful color and pansy-like shape.

We harvested the first Golden Snow Peas this weekend. Their golden color makes them stand out like little flags against the green vines, making them easy to pick.  Quickly sauteed with fresh baby carrots with just a little homemade butter and orange blossom honey, they were a welcome taste of spring.

We planted our Lancelot Leeks in our potato bed.  Along with some herbs, the combination of leeks and potatoes will make a wonderful, creamy soup.

It is miraculous to wake up in the morning to see a new seedling reaching up for the light.  Notice how the soil is pushed aside and the outer shell of the seed is atop the new little leaves, like a newborn’s hat!

The voluptuous cabbages are so pretty in the garden. Here in north Florida, we plant them in the fall for harvesting in spring.  The light frosts that we get here actually improve their flavor.

No matter where you live, I hope you enjoyed visiting our garden. For more photos and recipes, visit us at