How to Polish Your Homestead for Summer Weddings

Reader Contribution by Holly Welles
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Homesteaders have a lot of ways to make extra money with our land, and an increasingly popular way to do this is to open up our outdoor spaces for summer weddings. It’s the perfect time of year for a celebration that embraces natural charm and beauty.

If you’re getting ready for a summer wedding season, however, you do have to figure out how to prepare your outdoor space for such a gathering. To make that task more manageable — and ultimately successful — here are five tips for getting your homestead’s exterior and landscaping just right.

1. Clean the Hard Surfaces

After a winter of snow, sleet and salt, your outdoor surfaces might look a bit dingy. You’ll want any picturesque barns and patios to shine in your clients’ photos, so it’s time for some spring cleaning.

You might be able to clean up on your own by grabbing the hose, turning the head to its hardest-hitting setting and washing away dirt and debris. If you find you can’t clean your homestead up with the supplies you have, hire a powerwasher to come over and rinse everything before the celebration.

2. Landscape

It’s not all about the grass in your backyard, although you should work to keep it trim and healthy Creative landscaping can add that finishing touch to your outdoor wedding venue. There are plenty of ways to accomplish this, no matter your style.

Try optimizing gardens to create bright blooms and lovely smells. Planting lavender or herbs can add a new element to a summer wedding. Colorful flowers can create a unique visual aesthetic. You can also add elements like a gazebo or trellis to create more opportunities for photo opps.

If this sounds like a lot of work, try keeping things low-maintenance. Your homestead can incorporate natural elements that fit into your local environment and still add plenty of charm to any summer events. Consider adding or pruning your trees to create lovely shaded areas, and plant drought-resistant grass to reduce your landscape’s ecological impact.

3. Choose Your Mood Lighting

Floodlights outdoors make it easier for guests to see, but the bright bulbs don’t quite set the mood for a party. Plus, the glow will undoubtedly attract bugs — you can do better than that with mood lighting.

Your best bet is to try torches and candles, both of which you can assign to double duty. Finding a flame that contains citronella will keep bugs at bay while providing your customers with the perfect level of mood lighting.

Hosting Summer Celebrations

By taking these steps, you will ensure your homestead looks its best pre-summer wedding season. And, once you’ve completed the checklist, you get to focus on the business — taking photos, listing your venue and meeting potential customers. Your hard work will have made it all possible.

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