6 Ways to Make Your Homestead Feel Like Spring

Reader Contribution by Kacey Bradley
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Spring is a lovely time of year when the flowers begin to bloom, the birds start to chirp and the warm sun is shining. Now is the perfect time to start making some simple touches that will bring spring to your own homestead.

1. Decorate with Flowers

If you’re a seasoned homesteader, you might already have various flowers growing in your yard which are great for decorating. But you can just as easily decorate with fresh flowers that are store-bought. There are plenty of ways you can incorporate flowers into your decor.

Get a vase and use fragrant flowers to liven up a hallway or kitchen. Or greet guests with a bright floral wreath, bringing a touch of spring to the outside of your home. The types of fresh cut flowers which last longest include peonies, alliums, calla lilies and dahlias.

2. Grow Fresh Herbs

Spring is the best time to grow fresh herbs. When shopping for seeds, pick out herbs you’re most likely to use when cooking, like basil, thyme, mint and oregano. You can even grow catnip for any furry farm friends.

Choose a small sunny patch outside which is easy to walk to. Or place some pots in a sun-filled windowsill. Before you know it, you’ll have fresh herbs you can use to spice up dinner. As a bonus, your plants will fill your room with fragrant, tasty aromas that will remind you of your favorite meals.

3. Bring the Outside Inside

Decorating with live plants is an easy way to bring the fresh greenness of the outdoors inside. Not only do plants look nice with your decor, but they come with a lot of health benefits. Having plants in your home has been shown to freshen the air every 24 hours, removing up to 87 percent of toxins.

This includes harmful substances like formaldehyde, which is found in rugs, grocery bags and cigarette smoke, and benzene and trichloroethylene, both found in synthetic fabrics, inks and paint. The best plants for indoor use are those which don’t require much light, including gerbera daisies, spider plants, dragon trees and peace lilies.

4. Choose Bright Colors

One way to make your homestead feel more like spring is to refresh your paint with bright, earthy colors. If your walls are in need of a new coat, the warm spring temperatures are the perfect time to open your windows and properly ventilate your home while painting.

For a spring feel, choose tones and hues which resemble comforting outdoor landscapes, like deep sky blue, emerald green, clay red and burnt orange. Not only will these colors make your home feel warmer, but it will also add a touch of style and personality.

5. Spruce up the Porch

If you and your family enjoy the homesteading lifestyle, you probably spend a lot of time on your porch admiring what you’ve been able to accomplish. So spruce up your porch with decorations to remind you of spring.

Start with giving everything a sweep, getting rid of any dead leaves and debris from winter. Get a small end table and garnish it with a vase of fresh cut flowers. Bring out any patio furniture you have, including the swing and antique rocking chair. You can even add a splash of natural color with a pillow or doormat.

6. Get Some Chicks

Nothing says spring like a flock of chirping chicks. Before the chicks come home, you should make sure you have the adequate outdoor space and equipment, including a coup with built-in feeders.

While chickens like to forage for food, including grass, worms and beetles, you’ll need to buy feed as well. Coops should also have enough nesting boxes, with the recommended amount being one box for every three hens. This gives them a place to rest and lay eggs.

Bringing Spring to Your Homestead

How do you bring spring into your home? From decorating with plants and fresh cut flowers to investing in your own flock of chicks, there’s plenty of steps you can take right now to make your homestead feel like spring.

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