It’s The Garden and I’ll Plant What I Want To

By Jerry
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It’s The Garden, and I’ll plant what I want to!

I spend a great deal of time in The Garden, and I take what I do very seriously (not that I don’t have a lot of fun). Like many folks these days, our family is on a very tight budget, and as a result, the food our garden produces plays an important role in helping us keep our heads above water. There is no way our family could afford the quantity, quality, or variety of fresh vegetables The Garden provides us if we had to purchase them at the local grocery store.

The Garden serves as an act of rebellion for me. By growing my own food, I cut out the middle man, I get to choose the varieties I grow, and I am feeding my family more healthful food, arguably at a lower cost. Admittedly, The Garden is a small act of defiance, but a person has to start somewhere, right? How, you ask is a garden an act of rebellion? It’s all about taking back control of at least a part of my life, and a step away from the culture of greed and consumerism that is so prevalent in today’s world.

The Garden is good therapy. It helps to cleanse my mind; it makes me happy. How can you not be happy when you are surrounded by the beauty of ripening tomatoes, chirping bluebirds and painted buntings, and the wind rustling in the corn? (BTW, I really like corn.) The Garden is a place to enjoy the wonders of nature such as the setting of the sun and the awe of a spring thunderstorm rumbling across the horizon. The Garden inspires me to focus on the promise of tomorrow and helps me forget any unpleasantness encountered during the day. The Garden is great mentalfloss.

So, get to planting and have a therapeutic rebellion of your own!