I Daydream of Digging In The Dirt

I know it sounds crazy, & it will ruin my freshly painted nails (yes, I can be girly — shocking, I know), but I can’t wait to be dredging around with the earthworms.

I’ve already been drooling over seed catalogs & culminating my compost pile.

I used to put our kitchen scraps in an old coffee can on top of the fridge, but I got this beauty for Christmas. It has a charcoal liner to keep my kitchen smelling fresh, plus it’s not an eyesore. I’m getting fancy y’all.

We built several more raised beds in the fall & last weekend I prepped them for the spring planting. I used fresh soil topped with chicken poo I cleaned out from our coops & left it to decompose for the rest of winter & get all yummy for my plants.

Since there isn’t much else left to do in the garden until it warms up, I am left to dream about sunny days, sprawling vines, & dirty hands.

There is something so therapeutic about being outside in the fresh air nurturing plants that will produce food for my family.

Of course, that means weeds will flourish too … let’s just dream about the beans & tomatoes instead.

This is my daydream & there aren’t any weeds!

Published on Jan 20, 2016

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