Hiding In Plain Sight

One of my projects since I moved to Panther’s Hollow has been to get the huge, two-truck garage cleaned out. A couple I know were supposed to clean it out for whatever there was of value in it, but they never quite finished the job. There was motor oil or something spilled on the floor, so the place smelled of that, and I tended to avoid going in there for a long time. Lately, however, I’ve started cleaning out whatever they left and have poured cat litter on the oil and started shoveling that up, so I could start moving things in there from my junked-up shed. 

Now, I’ve been complaining since I moved here that the one thing I don’t have here is a sunny windowsill for starting plants. I’ve been making do with a seed tray in my guest room under a small gooseneck lamp, where I’ve also been repotting plants and making quite a mess. But recently I went into the garage, remembering there was a large table in front of the East-facing window where I could work on a little construction project. Then it dawned on me — a sunny windowsill! It had been there all along, hiding in plain sight, and even has an outlet to plug in my heat mat.

I guess I’ll still need to start my earliest seedlings indoors, but by March I should be able to move things to the garage, and shouldn’t need to use my guest room as a potting shed!

Published on Jul 8, 2016

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