Happy New Year!

Reader Contribution by Carmen Horton
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Well, I am still alive. One might wonder, in light of the fact it has been (ahem) years since I last blogged. Yikes! Time can get away from you, and it did me. Let’s get reacquainted, shall we?

My name is Carmen and I live on a (now) 6th generation Maine family farm. My granddaughter Amelia was born 3 years ago, which I think is partially why I haven’t done much writing. Easy to get caught up in a new grandchild, to be sure. She is the 6th generation of our family to call Homeland Farm home. Long live the FAMILY FARM!

Due to various health issues, we got away from farming a bit, over the last few years as well. Just starting to get back on track, and are busily making plans for a bigger garden this year. Nothing like the arrival of the seed catalogs to light a fire under you and make you hanker for spring! I’ve heard we are due for a bigger storm this week, so dreaming about flowers and fresh vegetables will be it for awhile, I’m afraid. Oh..and new laying hens..we are down to a handful of layers, most of which are freeloaders. Time for hens that earn their keep!

Speaking of earning their keep, us humans stayed busy this fall. We stacked wood, (well the menfolk did..I did the heavy looking on..), got bad fences taken down, the big field mowed, and I managed to can or freeze quite a bit from our garden. I love opening a can of homegrown stewed tomatoes in February. I always say it is just like opening a can of summer. I made strawberry jam, raspberry jam,and grape jelly as well. They are always well liked in the midst of a long, Maine winter. I give a few jars away each Christmas too. They make a great gift for those not able to make their own.


After a hectic, but fun Christmas, we are now on our way into the new year. I hope we are able to accomplish all we have planned this year. We plan on new pullets and raising a batch of broiler chickens as well. It has been 3 years since we last did that, and I miss having all natural, farm raised chicken in the freezer. 

I just melted down some lard yesterday from some leaf fat someone gave me. I think this afternoon might be a good time for a batch of homemade donuts. To me, they just aren’t the same either baked or fried in veggie or coconut oil. Only pure lard makes a tasty donut! Yum!

So, I will wrap up this blog now and get busy. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a great 2019! Stop by my blog, Life and Home Farm if you would like to read my personal blog. See you soon! 

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