Grower’s Secret Introduces Breakthrough Bio-Stimulant for Healthy Plant Growth

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 HONOLULU, HAWAII — Grower’s Secret, a Hawaii-based company specializing in organic fertilizers and microbial metabolites for farming and gardening, announces the introduction of Grow Big 521. This powerful breakthrough in plant and crop growth aids is eco?friendly, organic, and super nutritional. Eleven years of research in Hawaii uncovered a fungal fermentation process that dramatically increases a plant’s ability to absorb nutrients. The result of this scientific discovery is a bio?stimulant that, when extracted and combined with Grower’s Secret’s organic fish emulsion fertilizer, yields a highly effective super food for plants. Grower’s Secret™ Grow Big 521 is now available outside Hawaii, for every farm and garden in the U.S.

“What makes Grow Big 521 different and more powerful than other organic fertilizers is the inclusion of the bio?stimulant Grower’s Secret Pro,” said Chaz Berman, CEO, Grower’s Secret™. “This amazing formula has achieved the respect of commercial farmers and gardeners all across Hawaii. Discovered and developed by scientists and extensively tested on farms, Grower’s Secret Pro is patented, OMRI listed and will make vegetables and plants of all kinds grow faster and healthier. Plus, Grow Big 521 is the only lavender?scented fish emulsion product that is ready to spray on the lawn, in the garden, or on house plants.”

“The Grower’s Secret Pro formula is made using an edible mushroom to metabolize organic matter. The result, which takes eighteen months to reach maturity, is a formula that stimulates cells at the molecular level, entices a plant to speed up its metabolism, and allows it to accept more nutrients and water,” said Dr. Wesley Chun, Chief Science Officer, Grower’s Secret™. “This promotes increased plant growth, increased resistance to pests and disease, reduced crop cycles, and increased shelf life of fruits and vegetables.”

Grow Big 521 also:

  • nurtures the soil and strengthens roots
  • contains no pesticides or petrochemicals 
  • is safe for pets, people and the environment 
  • provides a rich source of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, trace minerals, macronutrients,
    and micronutrients 
  • contains a lavender scent that is pleasant, making Grower’s Secret 521 easy?to?use 
  • sprays on, no measuring or mixing required 
  • requires no additional fertilizer 
  • can be applied as a foliar spray or soil drench, while watering 
  • comes in eco?packaging made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic

“Grow Big 521 is an exciting new development for the environment and people who want to go green,” said Chris Churchill, Senior Vice President of Product Development, Grower’s Secret™. “Our containers are made from 100?percent post?consumer plastic, the first of their kind. This completes the loop between consumer recycling into the blue bin and products on the shelf made with this type of plastic.”

Scientists at Growers Secret™ have pioneered a way to refine the organic fertilizer so that it can be delivered though a hose?end sprayer. This requires Grower’s Secret™ to make custom plastic and mill the substance to a fine solution that will easily pass through any hose?end sprayer, irrigation, or hydroponics system. In the past, organic gardeners had to mix in water and fertilizer, which was messy and time?consuming. Now with Grow Big 521, there’s no mixing and no mess.

“Our products are convenient, ready to use and will allow vegetables and plants to reach their fullest potential,” said Churchill.

Grower’s Secret products are available at, as well as retail stores in the state of Hawaii through either Pacific Agricultural Sales (808)682-5113) or BEI Hawaii (808?933?7800) distributors. Dealer inquiries should be emailed to or contact a sales representative directly at (888)217-9426, ext. 201. 

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