Enjoying the Garden

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After having such a rough time with the garden last year, I am extra thankful for the fruits of our labor this year. We have already been able to harvest some things and other plants and flowers are looking good.

Our first peach.

We planted a couple of peach trees this year and they already have peaches. My husband said it was because he planted them at just the right time. I have never had a fresh picked peach. We just shared our first one. It smelled good and was quite yummy. I have been watching that peach for a while and I was so excited it was finally ready to eat.

My husband is picking blackberries almost every day. I never really ate blackberries before my husband started growing them. He loves having fresh fruit to pack for his work lunches.

We discovered that we have a grapevine that ended up growing up into a tree we have out back. There are so many grapes that we will have to get some from the roof, others with a ladder and maybe even need to climb the tree. Personally, I am a bigger fan of grapes than blackberries. I am looking forward to them.

Our beans and peppers are doing well and we have been using them in our meals for some time now. We finally have some squash starting to form and I am hoping they aren’t murdered like in other years.

I am happy with the garden so far. My husband is proud of it. I get nervous about something coming along that could wreck what we haven’t been able to enjoy yet. We are growing many giant sunflowers and only have a couple that have blossomed so far. I am so ready for the corn and tomatoes. We do have three cherry tomatoes, but we need more.