Garden Journal Entries

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A gardener’s life can be anything but smooth and steady as spring’s weather and our human urges to plant come together in the garden and yard. Together though, with friendship and camaraderie, work gets done, plants grow and produce. Sunshine, rain, snippets of conversation with a robin, an overwhelming feeling of earthly satisfaction all go into a journal so future generations can know how it looked, how it felt, how it turned out for us and this love called gardening.

Mom always wore skirts and a gardening hat as she worked in flowers and vegetable garden.

She kept journals throughout her many years and always entered the day’s activities and special notes.

“Lots of clean-up to do, I don’t mind, the yellow-gold iris are in bloom and coral bells — a little early but I do love to work in the blooms.”

“Lots of lilies. I am getting better with the camera, I see a toad on one of the lily pads! Goldfish survived the winter. Goldie and the others are hiding today, but this evening they will surface looking for a handout.”

“Roby is there every morning to greet me. He thinks he owns this piece of land. But he is good at sharing with me and I depend on him to keep an eye on things. Especially bugs. He does not fly off, but keeps to the edges while I am working. It is nice to have a quiet companion to share my morning with.”

“I can no longer walk out to the far end of the old garden. Rusty made raised garden beds here at the back door. I am able to work in them and feel blessed to have another year with my flowers and vegetables. And am so blessed to have a grandson who understands what my garden means to me.”

“Rusty reminded me to write down the number of butterflies today. He shares this love of land and creatures with me. He looks at the journal whenever he comes. And we talk about it.”