Fall Homestead Updates on the Garden and New Animals

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We had quite a dry spell that wrecked our garden over the summer, but it is interesting to see some renewal now that it is fall and we have some rain. We have also been adjusting to our new puppy who is now about 13 weeks old and some pullets as well.

This requires rethinking the garden because of the puppy and chickens. Our puppy loves eating peppers off of the vine among other not so cool things.

I noticed we have okra, eggplant and some cherry tomatoes growing. We have a bunch of gourds growing too, but I have not figured out what I want to do with them.

Our peppers have made a come back as well. Our kale has actually done great the whole summer and is still doing great.

These days we are getting an abundance of rain. It always seems to be too much or too little. I was glad to see the dry spell finally end though.

We rely on rain water to keep our pond full and we were not able to do that for a few months. I was not liking the water bill.

I wanted to have a fall garden, but it does not look like we will be doing anything this season. I guess I have to just enjoy what is left. I am hoping some of our Jerusalem artichoke and asparagus will return.

The new puppy has turned my world a bit upside down. Everything has to be adjusted because of him.

My morning routine is wrecked and I often have to get up even before the chickens to make sure I have time for my stuff and the puppy stuff. I still have not adjusted to all of it.

It is interesting to me how much people are into our new puppy. People used to always ask me how the chickens were doing, now it is how is the puppy doing.

I make sure to take cute puppy pictures. I still love my chickens and like taking cute chicken pictures too.

We are really working to raise the puppy up with the chickens and we do want them to be friends. It would be great to have our little Nudnik become a great protector for the ladies. It does seem like he wants to play with them.

We are careful having him around them. The young ones are especially brave and have no problem coming near to the puppy. That makes me nervous.

I was concerned about one of the pullets because she seemed like she was losing weight and was just not as active. Someone has worms and we suspected her.

We dewormed everyone and all seem to be doing well now. I sure hope that continues. Because of much chicken loss, I am definitely a high strung chicken mama.

I am looking forward to having eggs again, but I suspect it will increase the noise volume on the homestead. Our crowing hen has settled down a bit.

The puppy can be quite loud and I am hoping that will pass. My husband says that our kind of dog is not known for barking much. Just my luck I get an exception to the rule.

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