Enjoying the Beauty of an Edible Garden

Reader Contribution by Faithful Homesteader

Before I met my husband, I didn’t know anything about gardening. I did not realize that edible gardens could be so beautiful. I have heard over the years about home owner associations banning people from having edible landscaping in their front yard. After having a garden of my own, this makes even less sense to me. 

Every year as we grow new things, I am blown away by all the pretty flowers that come from our fruits and vegetables. I just never realized this was the case with fruit and vegetables. Like I said I really didn’t know anything about gardening. I didn’t understand how plants work. 

Photo by Faithful Homesteader

Our peach trees were such a welcome sight as a sign of spring. I just absolutely love the colors of the flowers and seeing them brings me a lot of joy. Of course now what we are seeing are the tiny peaches and I am looking forward to when they are ready to eat. 

This year both of our apple trees were looking so beautiful. One still has the pretty flowers, but the other one looks like it will not provide us any apples this year. However, I did enjoy the flowers while they lasted. But my husband is ready to chop down the tree because it has never produced any apples. I am still holding out hope for the other one. 

We are getting pretty white flowers from our blackberries. The mockingbirds will likely soon enjoy the blackberries much to my husband’s dismay. Our dog has been chasing the birds off though, so maybe that will make a difference this year. 

Photo by Faithful Homesteader

Last year we planted kale for the first time and I am in awe of the volume of flowers and just how beautiful the flowers are from the kale. Like the blackberries, they are white and they are blooming right now. I love to see that the pollinators are drawn to them. 

We do plant regular flowers like my favorite sunflowers, but I have come to realize that even if we never plant a single one of those flowers that I can still enjoy a beautiful garden. It is awesome the cycle of these plants. First I get to enjoy watching all the different flowers. My eye can behold their beauty. I also get to enjoy watching the pollinators do their thing and that is another beautiful thing to behold. Then I get to enjoy eating the fruit or vegetable itself as long as all goes as planned. 

A luscious tomato and bright colored pepper can also be a thing of great beauty. The year that we actually did get an apple off of one of our trees was a wonderful thing. It was a lovely apple and quite yummy too. 

We are planting some new things this year and I really don’t know what to expect as far as the flowers, but I am looking forward to seeing some new eye candy in the garden this year. I will also continue to enjoy the loveliness of our usual crops such as our squash. 

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