Vintage Liquor Bottle Lights

Tasting some good liquor is one way to unwind on the couch after a long, tiresome day. But what to do with the empty bottles lying on the counter?

Don’t throw them! Instead, “wine-not” turn them into a versatile homey lantern that’ll brighten up anyone’s boring living room? Suits every season and almost every decor style, so let’s learn how to create these amazing bottles of light.


• Empty glass bottles
• Thick twine
• Glue gun and glue sticks (or any adhesive except gum)
• Fairy Lights
• Decorative items


  1. Take off by making sure that your bottle has been well washed and is completely dry before you begin. Remove every sticky label using hot water and dish soap. Check for any metal or plastic shards and remove these too.
  2. Apply glue on the bottle rim and when the glue starts to hold but isn’t yet dry, start wrapping. Add a dot of glue for every few wraps. Remember to keep it tight, and push it up as you go down.

  1. Continue wrapping and wrapping! When you reach the other end of your bottle’s neck, apply a thin line of glue all the way around, as this will ensure that the string doesn’t slide.

Now, to decorate the rest of its body:

  1. You can do several permutations and combinations. We have made little roses by coiling the rope which will be stuck on the bottle. Decorate with random embellishments, if available.
  2. Once the bottle is dry and the rope is completely attached to it, add the lights in.

  1. Find the perfect place for your little bottle and let it glow.

These little things are easy both on the hands and your pockets. They also make for great little housewarming gifts, especially for upcycle enthusiasts. Give them a try!