Spring Renewal On The Homestead

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It’s amazing … no matter how bad the winter, there is a renewal, or rebirth, every spring!

It’s no different this year. I really worried that the harsh winter would have ruined anything that flowers like the fruit trees.

But, here they are in full bloom!

I didn’t think my bleeding hearts would survive either, but they are as beautiful as ever!

In the past few years, my old lilac has been hit with a hard frost just as the flowers were ready to open. They turned brown and wilted.

This year, they got nipped by frost a little bit. The tips have some brown but the majority of each cluster is fine.

My grandfather, the gardener, always said that a lady should wake up to the fragrance of a lilac. He planted one right outside my grandmother’s bedroom window. And each year, she would awaken to the aroma of the lilac.

All the little critters are active, getting ready to raise their young. Two little wrens are building a nest in one of the wren houses I have under the eaves of the house outside the kitchen. They are very busy gathering soft material like moss for the nest.

The chipmunks are also in the same area, running around on the deck. It seemed to bother the wren! It attacked the chipmunk, pecking it on the back several times!

Even Samson and Delilah are feeling the warmer temperatures and beg to go out in their pastures for a good run!

Life in the country! How sweet it is!