Spring Happenings on the Hill

Reader Contribution by Heidi Nawrocki
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Spring has sprung on our hill. The trees are ablaze with color from the buds. The grass is getting greener. And most importantly,  the snow is gone

We will be starting our flock of chickens this spring and my husband has started construction on our coop. After building our house, a chicken coop is child’s play!

We are expanding our garden this year and adding flowers. There’s just something about fresh cut flowers! Our neighbor was kind enough to come up and plow for us the other evening. There’s something special about the smell of a freshly turned garden in the spring.

All of our seeds are started and potatoes and onion starts ready to go. Our 4-year-old son is having his own small stand at a local farmers’ market this summer, and he started working in his raised beds. He is beyond excited to get planting! 

And with the crisp, clear days come crisp, clear nights. Our kitchen and dining room are on the west side of our house, so we get unobstructed views of the sunsets. If I ever question our decision to live the life style we’ve chosen, I just have to look out my window at night and see this:

Be sure to check out our blog to see more progress on our chicken coop, fluffy chick goodness in a few weeks,  and more lovely sunsets!

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