Some Winter Bouquets

The cold, dark days of winter make me long for spring. Seed catalogs abound and the woodstove crackles, but I miss the beautiful flowers that warmer weather brings. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. And it brings such a smile to my face to see the daffodils peeking out of the ground. Sure, I could go to the grocery store and pick up a cheap bouquet of flowers to brighten things up. But, since my pledge to source things as locally as possible, grocery store flower bouquets are out. I’m currently reading an enlightening book on the flower industry.

Flowers are shipped thousands of miles to their final destination, much like most of the produce in a grocery store. They have been bred over the years for characteristics such as shelf life and vase longevity. In the quest for a flower that lasts a long time in the vase and can be shipped over long distances, most flowers don’t have much scent to them. Isn’t that the point of a bouquet? In my mind it is. I’m going to start a small flower garden this year in the hopes that I can grow on a larger scale in the future and provide some beautiful smelling fresh cut flowers to the local scene.

But, back to winter. We live in an area that is surrounded by deciduous trees. We don’t see many pine trees around, so right now we just see tree branches. No real color. Not very interesting. But, I’m coming to learn to embrace each season as it comes. So, would it be possible to actually gather things from nature to make some “bouquets” to decorate my kitchen with?

On a warm weekend a few weeks ago, I started out on a walk with my kids. We had a lot of fun as I told my 4-year-old to find “cool looking” grasses and branches. He had a ball! We came home with a bucket full of random branches and even found some sort of blueberries. There were some red berries, but they were way too thorny for my tastes.

When we returned home, I got to work. I love milk glass. I’ve started amassing a small collection. I pulled all my pieces out and started putting some things together.

I’ve been struggling with a way to decorate above my kitchen cabinets. Since we have a vaulted ceiling in our great room, we have high cabinets and a lot of room above them. The milk glass, combined with some antique blue Mason jars, bring just the right amount of color. I’m happy with the way it turned out! And best of all, it was free and found just out my back door.

When the weather brightens in your area, see if you can make your own winter bouquet to tide you over until spring comes. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Published on Jan 20, 2014

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