Seed Storage

Reader Contribution by Heidi Nawrocki
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Spring is almost here! March came in like a lion around here and the weather has been temperamental ever since. But, nice weather is certainly on the way! And that makes me so excited to get a start on our plants and get into the garden.

We’ve amassed quite a number of seed packets for our garden this year, as we hope to expand with herbs and a small flower garden. We were just keeping our seeds in the boxes and envelopes they came in, but I was getting frustrated trying to sort through them to see what needed to be started from seed and when and what could be direct seeded. For my sanity and for the sake of my family eating dinner at the table, I needed to find a better way to store them.

Enter a basic 4×6 photo album:

I picked these up at Target, and the basic albums happened to be nice and shiny. I certainly don’t mind! I put a seed packet in each sleeve. This allows me to clearly see both the front and back of the packet. I organized them based on when they need to be started, so in a week or so we can get planting!

Since these albums are inexpensive, it’s a great way to keep track of your seeds! Check out to see when we get those seeds started and let me know what you’re growing this year.

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