Protect Vacant Cabins from Unwanted Intruders With Exterior Rolling Shutters

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Nothing ruins a summer vacation faster than when an owner arrives to find that his cabin was broken into while they were away and was intruded by squatters or as a convenience store by a hungry bear.

Exterior window shutters, by European Rolling Shutters, are one of the best solutions for keeping remote cabins safe from intruders, wild animals and extreme weather conditions. Security shutters have many benefits and add an important measure of security for vacation homes left empty for long periods of time.

Exterior security rolling shutters on a vacation cabin designed & installed by European Rolling Shutters.

Exterior shutters prevent easy entry

Isolation makes rural living attractive but it also makes cabins vulnerable to break-ins. Safety precautions for rural homes are different than those in urban areas and exterior window shutters are one of the best solutions for deterring home invasions by both two and four-legged intruders.

Burglars look for an easy way in and out of a building and heavy-duty aluminum security shutters are not something they want to deal with. Rolling security shutters can be mounted on windows, sliding glass doors and other vulnerable access points to the home to deter trespassers and protect belongings.

Exterior shutters block the view of the home’s contents and the locking mechanism makes it harder for prowlers to gain entry. Intruders see these secured windows and doors will likely be discouraged and look for an easier target.

Don’t let this happen to you: Finding a bear too full to move after a huge feast in your cabin.

Bears feel the same way. Owners of remote cabins often underestimate the threat of wild animals; bears in particular. Eating is a matter of survival for them and ripping off a cabin door to get at food left inside is no problem. Our security shutters are mounted flush with the wall, making them extremely difficult to pry off. Using fully threaded hanger bolt screws with wing nuts instead of nails adds extra reinforcement. Rolling up these shutters over your doors and windows before closing up for the winter and removing all food supplies will avoid unpleasant surprises come spring.

Protect against extreme weather events

Security shutters also protect windows from storm damage. Tennis ball sized hailstones, falling branches and flying debris can break out the glass, exposing the home to all kinds of other destruction while the owner is away.   

In extremely cold weather, exterior window shutters eliminate heat leakage around window and door frames and double the insulating value of thermo-pane windows. They also prevent condensation that can damage wood trim and floors – and they’ll keep your windows clean too!

Benefits of Exterior Rolling Shutters for urban and rural homes

Reduces heating and cooling costs instantly with 99% sunlight control.
Blocks UV rays from fading furniture and flooring.
Reclaims living areas lost to bright light, too much heat, or bitter cold.
Increases home value and creates a sleek look.
Easy operation with remote control
Large color selection-white, teak, crème, natural silver, beige, gray and brown. Custom colors available.

Standard Color Options

Outside shutters

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Exterior security rolling shutters on a vacation cabin designed & installed by European Rolling Shutters.

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