Our Tiny Home Bus Project

Reader Contribution by Faithful Homesteader
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We recently rescued an old church bus from being a party bus. It was already partially converted into an RV, but we are working on turning it into a comfy home. The first projects have been framing, insulation, window tinting, and painting.

The bus already had some insulation, but my husband wanted to add much more. It gets awfully hot here in north Texas and we certainly need all the help we can get with cooling. He started with the framing, using reclaimed lumber from a construction site. The framing allows us to do the insulation and eventually the walls. The insulation will also make the bus quieter. I can sure appreciate that.

All of the windows behind the walls were blackened with rubber coating and the windows that we plan to use were tinted. From the outside, you cannot tell which windows are tinted and which ones have the rubber coating; the color is the same. The only windows that we plan to use are where the beds will be and in the kitchen area. The rubberized coating will help strengthen the windows and add another layer of quiet. My husband also resealed all of the windows.

We are slowly painting the outside of the bus with a flat white color and will later add a blue trim. The flat white is the best color to reflect the heat, and flat colored paints helps to hide blemishes. Each week we usually buy more paint and do a little bit at a time. We use spray paint. My husband likes to call it a shaker can job.

My husband has done the majority of the work so far, but I have started helping with paint preparation. I have done some sanding and covering up the windows. We will eventually put in some flooring and do something for the ceiling. There are also plans for solar panels and wind turbines. The project will only go as fast as we have money to put into it, but we will eventually get it all done.

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