New Kitchen Floor Part 2 With Heavenly Blue Wall Paint

Reader Contribution by Nebraska Dave
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Spring seems to be struggling to get here this year. One day here and there of 60 degree weather then back into the gloomy cold days of March. I took a soil reading in the garden a couple days ago and it was 40 degrees.

Today is cold and rainy with no chance of sun until day after tomorrow. It’s a good day to watch paint dry.

If you remember in the last post this wall was dingy mustard yellow. It took two coats of Kilz primer paint to cover up the ugly stuff. I started asking around as what color I should paint a kitchen. One thing I learned never ask a 90-year-old mother-in-law what color to paint the kitchen.

Her suggestion was a nice pink color would be nice. Really? A bachelor lives in this house. No way will the kitchen wall be pink. I’ve decided on a light pastel blue called “Heavenly Blue.”

Yeah, it’s a little darker than it looked on the color strip. I hope it looks good. I’m somewhat color blind so I need a color that I can see. While driving home from taking my grandson to where he lives now, I looked off in the distant sky and to my astonishment, I saw the same blue color as what was on my kitchen wall. I now understand the name “Heavenly Blue.”

The first section of the kitchen floor has been installed. So now the new refrigerator can be put in its proper place.

So there it is in all its glory fully functional. Three weeks of work around everyday routines finally got a new kitchen floor started and a new refrigerator installed. May this refrigerator last 23 years like the last one did.

OK, the next step is to continue to work on the kitchen floor. Sheathing to cover the floor with self stick titles seem to be working great. I had some doubt about self-stick titles, but once it gets down on the floor it seems to be just fine. It’s much easier than I thought it would be. So things are moving along with the kitchen upgrade.

I hope all your spring projects are being completed smoothly. I’d be interested in hearing about what you are doing to keep busy in this cold and dreary spring.

Be well and see you here on the blog next time.

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