I Don’t Wanna

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The past year has been so crazy. It’s been hard, stressful, and difficult.

About a year and a half ago, a close family member became seriously ill. The illness progressed to the point where this family member was bedfast and in need of major assistance. Like families do, we wanted to help as much as possible. We live about 2 hours away from this family member, and that was a huge hurdle. But it was important.

We cleared most of what was not urgent from our schedule to help out as much as we could. Many other family members did the same and they did even more than we did. We lost this precious one in March. But we’re still not back to normal.

See, the spring, summer, fall, and winter of 2015 and up till March of this year was a time when only the most crucial farm tasks were accomplished. Unless it HAD to be done, it didn’t happen.

Much of my garden produce from last year was wasted. If I actually had time to pick the veggies, they sat in a bucket until the tomatoes were soft and the green beans moldy. I just didn’t have the time to process them.

Warm-weather maintenance tasks were put off.

And now, we’re swamped. Our to-do list seems endless and it’s pretty overwhelming. We have so much to do each day, that planning the day’s work is just kind of scary.

I should paint the doors and the trim to the house … Gotta go buy the primer and paint.

We really need to order a new shutter for the front of the house, since it was blown off 2 years ago in a storm. But then we’ll have to hang the blasted thing when it comes in.

I need to clean out the barn stall. But Apollo, our ram, is in there and he can’t be with our young ewes. We really need to just sell him …

I should clean out the garage. But then all the broken things in there need to be fixed.

Gotta get the repair guy to look at the broken tiller and push mower. But then we’ll need to pay him.

We should cut the grass. But can’t trim up the yard because the push mowers are broken.

Every time we cross one thing off the list, it seems that two more pop up to take that place.

Need to get the garden in. But we can’t until we sell those bull calves that are currently penned in the garden spot.

I think I’ll just go upstairs and watch Rawhide. Or climb back into bed. I don’t even wanna get started.