Reclaiming a Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow

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Photo courtesy FARM SHOW Magazine
Using the wooden heavy duty wheelbarrow his dad used for some 50 years, Jack McGee updated it by carving new handles and building a slatted bed, leaving the sides open for hauling long lengths of firewood for his outdoor stove.

Jack McGee, he of the same innovative mind that constructed the homemade chicken plucker, makes a special connection with his deceased father every time he hauls a load of firewood. McGee uses the same wheelbarrow frame his dad used for 50 years. “We’re going to get another 50 years of use out of it,” McGee says.

The Lake City, Michigan, building contractor sanded and repainted the legs and hardware that held the wheelbarrow’s original tub and steel wheel, and he purchased a new wheel and tire.

He carved handles out of 2-by-2 ash and used ash boards to build a slatted bed. He left the sides open to haul long lengths of firewood for his outdoor stove, but he uses it to haul other stuff, too.

“Ash works well because it’s strong but lightweight,” he says. 

Reprinted with permission from FARM SHOW Magazine.

Published on Feb 12, 2014

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