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Reader Contribution by Debbie Francis
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This time of year, the seed catalogs start coming in the mailbox. I don’t know about you but I get a lot of them. Now I’m always thinking about planting something, veggies or flowers. I love to go through all these seed catalogs. I use to just order whatever tickled my fancy until I realized that not everything I ordered would grow in my planting zone. So I started only keeping and ordering from the books that best fit my planting zone. I’m a northern grower, Zone 4; this way I hope to have a better chance at success.

I save a lot of my own seeds, and I love heirloom seeds for this reason, but I do buy hybrid seeds too. Because sometimes they produce better. So I plant both. After separating books by zones, then I separate by price. You do have to be careful because you do want quality seeds. The best way to keep track is to keep a garden journal. Make notes on which catalogs you ordered from and how the seeds did.

When it’s time to start my greenhouse up, all those seed catalogs that I so carefully marked and ordered from will be keepers. All are now my fire starters, and I shred them to put around my plants. Nothing goes to waste. Because I know that come February, more will come.

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