Functional Flooring for Your Farmhouse and Homestead

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Whether you’re starting new construction or want a modern update, there are plenty of flooring options that can add functionality to your homestead. From durable to stylish, the best option will depend entirely on your wants and needs.

Look through the following five farmhouse flooring choices to see which will work best for you.

1. Tile

If you want a flooring option that will make your farm or homestead look great, consider tile. Tile flooring is easy to install and extremely resistant to wear and staining. It’s also cost-effective, as it is around the same price as other flooring materials but can last much longer, around 75 to 100 years if cared for properly.

Ceramic tiles have a protective glaze on the surface to make them water-resistant, the perfect option for rooms which might get wet or humid, such as the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room.

Installing tile can also increase the resale value of your homestead, should you ever choose to put it on the market.

2. Linoleum

The most significant benefit to choosing linoleum flooring is the price. Compared to options like tile and hardwood, it’s much cheaper. Be aware linoleum will not last as long as other materials, typically needing a replacement after 10 or 20 years.

This type of flooring is a practical, low-maintenance option for a farmhouse or homestead. While linoleum should be polished twice a year to maintain its finish, it is typically water-tight and resistant to staining. Try to avoid cleaners with strong alkalies, such as bleach, ammonia and baking soda, as they can damage the finish. It a stain does occur, it’s possible to remove the single tile of linoleum and re-polish it or replace it altogether.

3. Vinyl

Vinyl flooring comes in both wide sheets and square tiles. While sheet vinyl flooring is more resistant to water damage and staining, many people prefer the look and aesthetic of tiles. This type of flooring is great for high-traffic areas, as it’s inexpensive and also durable.

Vinyl is a suitable flooring option for second-floor rooms, as it can help reduce noise. Since it comes in a broad range of colors, styles and patterns, you can easily find flooring that matches your homestead’s style. Some vinyl comes with faux wood grains which helps replicate hardwood planks.

Photo by DDP on Unsplash

4. Wood

Hardwood flooring is easy to clean and very durable. It also looks gorgeous in any home. While the surface can get scratched or dented, proper care means the surface will last for decades. After many years of wear, you can update your look by refinishing the surface, something inexpensive that will only take a weekend to complete.

Choosing hardwood flooring isn’t as simple as picking out a piece of wood, though. Both solid hardwood and engineered hardwood options are available. While both are very similar, engineered hardwood is produced with more resistance to humidity, ensuring you don’t have to worry about your floor expanding with the seasons.

5. Rugs

Carpeted materials may not seem like the best flooring choice for a homestead or farmhouse, as the fibers can soak in moisture and quickly show stains. However, the benefit to using rugs over wall-to-wall carpeting is the ability to pick them up, take them outside and clean them. You can remove stains easily and also get rid of built-up dirt and debris, which is beneficial to allergy sufferers.

Much like vinyl, rugs can help reduce noise, making them an excellent option for rooms on the upper floors. Rugs can also hold in heat, making them a valuable winter accessory. Unlike flat, hard flooring, rug fibers trap in heat, helping to insulate your house and keep it warmer.

Choosing the Right Flooring Option

Your homestead’s flooring doesn’t have to be a source of constant headache. Instead, look for a functional option that works for you.

After a long day of work on the homestead, consider an option that will hold up to the wear of debris carried inside. No matter which flooring you choose, it should make life on your homestead easier and more convenient.