Finding a Bus to Make a Home

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For many months, my husband had been on the hunt for an RV, but then decided it would be better to convert a bus after seeing pictures of school buses and RVs in collisions. He shifted into bus finding mode. I am not that excited to think about living in an RV or converted bus, but I started to think about having something in case bad things came our way.

The bus when we first brought it home.

My husband dreams of us having a piece of land and living on the bus while we build a house. I think more about living on the bus if something happened and we couldn’t afford to stay in our home. Our motives are different, but we are still on the same adventure with turning the bus into a place that we can call a home.

My husband looked at multiple RVs and buses, but they all had issues. Finally, he found one he thought would work for us. It is a medium length partially converted bus. That will save us money in the end. The bus we found was originally a church bus, but the new owners had turned it into a party bus. I like to think that we rescued the old church bus.

The Party Bus

The former church bus came with a stripper pole that we declined to take with us. The place where we picked up the bus was a clothing optional place. My husband neglected to tell me that beforehand. We are simple folk and I have never really been the partying type. Also, I prefer to keep my clothes on in public.

The bus pre-rescue

Now we are skoolies and the process of turning it into a home has begun. Two big projects have been painting it and adding additional insulation to the bus. It is way hot here in Texas and we could use all the help we can get. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out in the end. I will be sharing more about the process in future blog posts.