Exciting things that happened at Terra Nova Gardens

Excitement at Terra Nova Gardens  

There’s been some excitement at Terra Nova Gardens. The excitement caused quite a stir in the neighborhood. Remember those fence panels that had Terra Nova Garden painted on them. I always thought they would succumb to gang graffiti but alas that was not the destiny of those fence panels. I built them 80 to 90 MPH wind strong and never planned for the event that’s about to be revealed.

This as many of you remember is the way it looked in the last post.  Last weekend right after dark about 9:30 p.m. a big white van came roaring down the gravel road right in front of the garden. 

The driver of the van lost control, tipped over on the driver side and skidded through the entire rail fence and most of the wooden fence. In the process two of the graphic name panels were destroyed and lay in a pile of rubble. The good folks that live in the neighborhood were terribly upset and thought that I should sue for damages. As for me, I am disappointed in the event yes but not suing angry. I’m just glad that the driver didn’t get hurt other than scrapes and bruises. The rail fence probably won’t be put back up. The wooden fence is already in process of being pieced back together. 

I showed this picture to my grandson. He looked at the pictured and in his nine year old logic said, “Hmmmm, I guess they didn’t see the NO TRASSPASSING sign, huh.” He cracks me up.

The great panel reconstruction has begun. This was one day of piecing the panel back together. The back bones were broken in the middle of the panel so three new 2X4s were placed beside the broken ones and screwed solid to the broken ones. Most of the small boards used to construct the panel were in pretty good shape.  The one board that’s missing was broken into three pieces. I’ve glued it back together and will replace it on the next work day at the garden. The panel isn’t quite as pretty as it originally was but not bad. Now it has a little character and a story. The next panel will be a little tougher but I think it can be reconstructed as well. The biggest issue will be digging out the post stumps that were concreted into the ground. It will be difficult pulling out the concrete without a post to grab on to but then again if you have read this blog for any length of time, you know that I love a challenge.
So until we meet again reconstruction continues.
Published on Sep 6, 2013

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