Blood Sweat and Tears

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BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS. If you work the land, livestock or farm in any way you know these three things are at some point going to be part of your daily duties. I can name a hundred occasions when I had them all rolled into one chore. One such occurrence this winter was a blustery afternoon with a temperature of about five degrees. One of the horses is chewing up the posts in his pen so I am wrapping them in hardware cloth. It is so cold that my breath freezes under my nose but I can’t wear gloves because they are too bulky to hold those tiny “U” shaped nails. My hands are numb so when I smash my finger with a clumsily swung hammer the pain takes about 10 seconds to sink in. I jerk my hand back only to gaff my arm on the fresh cut hardware cloth tearing through my sleeve and flesh. DANG IT! Now I have more mending to do! Crimson splotches of blood dot the snow and I back my butt into the hot-wire when a wave of nausea hits. I feel like I’ve just had a jolt from a defibrillation machine. The cold sweat that ensues is freezing on my body immediately has me staggering outta that slushy horse pen as fast as I can go. My overly interested equine friend thinks he is coming out of the pen with me and as I try to get out without opening the gate too wide I slip on the ice in the groove under the gate. A true comedy of errors! Before I went outside to deal with that fence I was wanting to curl up with pajamas, a good book and coffee but now I think a heating pad and happy hour might be more the flavor of the evening. And with THAT being said … I wouldn’t trade this country life for living in town for any reason! Scars give you character anyway right?