5 Quick Tips to Prepare Your Landscaping for Spring

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While you may feel like Old Man Winter will never relinquish his grip, the robins will return before you know it. Now is the time for preparing your spring landscaping projects. Beautifying your home’s exterior makes it more pleasant to return at the end of a long day, and it improves your property value significantly.

What do you need to do to get ready for the coming season? While the earth renews itself after its long winter’s nap, you can help it along the way. You can also create considerable curb appeal, even if you’re not looking to sell. Here are some preparations you can make:

1. Perform a Thorough Cleanup

Before you plant, you need to prepare your canvas like an artist. It’s time to break out the rake and clear away the accumulated debris. Plus, leaves left lying under winter’s blanket can cause snow rot disease, so quickly brush away any autumn strays. This process also aerates the soil, making it receptive to treatments.

Then, you’ll need to help any bald patches grow back by planting grass seed and using environmentally friendly weed killers to combat invasive growth. It’s a wise idea to apply lawn food to give the soil and grass the nutrients it needs for a healthy growing season.

2. Prepare Your Flower Beds

If you want your landscaping to look professional, you’ll need to get your gardens ready for planting. Believe it or not, there’s more than one way to wield a hoe, so learn the most efficient technique for your needs. You can prevent the need for a weed killer later if you take care of those invasive pests manually before they grow out of control.

Once you break up and aerate your soil, take a sample to your local center for a test. The associates can tell you what you need to add based on your unique profile. Apply organic fertilizer or compost from your home bin. Then, apply a coat of mulch to help preserve soil moisture. While you do so, inspect your landscaping drip lines. If you notice any broken parts or leaks, repair them to save on your water bill.

3. Trim Back Overgrown Shrubbery

Did you know neglecting your landscaping could put your family at risk? Thieves typically spend no more than 60 seconds breaking into a home, and they look for cover while they do so. If your shrubbery can conceal them as they crack open a window or door, you could face a burglary — or worse.

Keep the plants closest to your home trimmed low enough to see over the top. Also, look skyward toward your treetops. Are large branches overhanging your roof? They could fall in a storm, causing considerable damage. If you don’t have the necessary equipment to trim them yourself, hire a professional service to protect your home.

4. Repair Decks and Patios

It’s a wise idea to inspect your decks and patios at least once per year for damage. Use a screwdriver to check for rot by probing around posts and foundation blocks. Any soft wood is suspect — call a contractor if you’re unsure if you need repairs. You don’t want a second-story structure to collapse when you have guests over for a barbecue.

Also, test your railings by safely applying pressure. They should support your body weight, so repair any wobblers promptly. If you find cracked boards, you can replace them. Remain aware you may need to stain your deck afterward to make it a uniform color.

5. Touch Up Your Paint

When it comes to ROI, you can’t do much better than paint to bolster curb appeal. Choosing the right color can raise your home’s value by over $6,000. If you don’t have the inclination — or budget — for a full exterior paint job, focus on your doors and shutters. Cracked, peeling shutters can result in a haunted house-like appearance. A smoky charcoal or black front door attracts buyers like a magnet — or merely creates an elegant exterior.

Get Your Landscaping Ready for the Robin’s Return with These Tips

Your landscaping techniques can increase your home’s value and bolster curb appeal. Celebrate the return of warm weather by planning your spring landscaping chores today.

  • Updated on May 20, 2022
  • Originally Published on Jan 31, 2020
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