2016 Gardening has Definitely Begun

Reader Contribution by Nebraska Dave
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Goodness, where did February go? The weather here has been unusually mild and all the snow is gone. The ground is totally thawed out and … (big sigh) weeds are starting to grow in the garden. Terra Nova Gardens is a ferocious seed bed for weeds. After being wild so long, I’m guessing there’s enough seeds that have been planted for a life time of gardening. If left unchecked, they will grow into monster weeds that revel the height of a small tree. Those tough old wild grape vines keep trying to make an appearance. Nature is certainly wild and can’t be tamed. Some day in the future when I’m gone, the land will once again return back to the wild. Old Nebraska Gardener Dave is just a blip on the grand scheme of time. Nature is patient and always wins. But in the mean time I can enjoy attempting to make the garden look better than the wild.

I got to spend some time at Terra Nova Gardens and worked on leveling up the supports for the natural spring platform. Every time I go to Terra Nova Gardens to work I find evidence that other two legged life forms have been there. This time some one left me a Nebraska hat to cover the stand pipe in the spring. I’m planning on putting a couple extra joists to help support the platform. All these railroad ties and bridge supports were free on Craig’s List. Each year things come together a little more. Since this is under the shade of a big tall cottonwood tree, it just might become a place to sit while resting from gardening and sip a nice cool refreshing drink. What do you think?

The basement salad growing experiments was a huge success. I have a tendency to loose interest when I have determined that the experiment is a success so the reason these plants look a little ragged is I just watered them after almost a week of neglect. Lettuce and radishes were indeed successfully grown in the basement during the cold winter months. It’s definitely some thing I will do again next year. All these plants were planted about six weeks ago in the middle of January.

My Google calendar told me that the onions should be sprouted. This is two weeks after I planted them. I had to quickly get them under some grow lights. I’m always amazed at how fast slow sprouting seeds come up in my seed starting area. These are Wala Wala onions. I’ll be setting out onions sets again this year. I haven’t really grown enough onions to store yet but maybe this will be the year to do that. My storage area is about 55 degrees during the Winter months so I’ll have to find an area to store them in the garage which never freezes but stays in the upper 30s and 40s during the coldest part of the Winter. I have thought about putting in an access to outside air to keep the storage room cooler but just haven’t done it.

Yup, spindly looking cabbage. It’s time to transplant them into their own spaces. Like tomatoes, they can be planted up to just below the leaves and get a good root started. Mmmmm, I see some good sauerkraut in my future. It’s another thing that I just haven’t quite done yet. I have the gallon glass jars saved for just such a project. I’ve always wanted to pickle vegetables. Maybe this year will be the first for many things.

This is definitely my gardening quote. Have a great day in the garden my GRIT friends.

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