Coping with Injury on the Homestead

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Recently my husband took a spill working and fractured his kneecap. This has made things a bit challenging on the homestead. There are certain things that I rely on my husband to do, but now he is not able to do so. I have had to step in and do some chores that I had never done.

My husband is usually the one to clean out the rain gutters, but now I have completed that chore for the first time. It is not my favorite thing to do, but it had to be done. Another new chore for me was cleaning out the pond filter. I was definitely not crazy about getting into the cold pond with the cool fall temperatures.

I certainly rely on my husband for his brawn, but since his accident, I have had to rely on my own strength. I had to carry in my lemon tree on my own to keep it safe from a freeze. I was hauling around mulch and a big bag of birdseed that I needed to dump into a food container. My husband was surprised at my strength with some of these things. I am glad that I am not a total weakling.

Unexpected injury definitely has us thinking about many things on the homestead. I wish my husband had not procrastinated on certain things that now are on hold. I don’t feel equipped to replace our bathroom faucet, put in a new custom mailbox or carport. I can pick up the load with some things, but other things are going to have to wait until he is better.

I am motivated to be in the best shape that I can be and to be strong. Life is too unpredictable and I think it is important for me to be able to do things if I have to be on my own or if my husband is out of commission as he is now. We have talked about how important it is for everyone on the homestead to be able and equipped to do most everything. It is a real learning curve for me with some of the things on the homestead. I have to be honest, I like relying on my husband for many of the especially outdoor chores.