Colder Weather Approaching

| 10/19/2012 9:50:31 AM

 A View of The Delaware Wap Gap Pennsylvania

A View Of The Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania 

My residence isn’t far from the Delaware Water Gap, here in Pennsylvania, and recent days have been considerably colder, particularly at night. Some days have been in the low 60s. A few days ago the temperature at night was under 30 degrees, and my pepper plants, which had been holding on, all went under. I cut them at ground level and placed the plants in the compost pile. The roots will remain to start decomposing. Next year I plan to have at least twelve plants. They all produced well and I plan to obtain newly started ones from the same source next spring. 

  parsley remains alive after freezing temperatures 

Parsley Remains Alive After Freezing Temperatures 

My parsley continues to grow and seems to have survived the recent freezing overnight temperatures. I’ll leave it as long as it’s still growing but eventually will compost it. 

10/20/2012 3:00:56 AM

David, I've not tried to grow under a hoop. It seems to work well for those that have tried it. The fall growing season because of the cooler weather will be slower than the spring warm up weather. My garden is done for the year and quite frankly, I'm kind of glad. I'm ready for the winter rest and planning stage before the February plant starting phase. We have had some gorgeous fall colors here in Nebraska but it hasn't lasted long. The trees are already dropping there leaves and I suspect in a couple more weeks will be practically finished. We have received two days of nice gentle rain which we need even though the growing season is over. It will be of great benefit for next year. Have a great fall garden day.