Building Our Home and Our Life, Together

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What are you!? Some millionaire that inherited a big place?

That comment left on my blog immediately brought this vivid image into my thoughts.

Our first home. The image didn’t quite look like a millionaire’s home.

That was a comment I received once when I had posted this picture of the farm house after FarmMan had remodeled it.

Read more on the remodel here: Farm House Before and After

The little rough (well alright really rough looking) trailer looked like this in a year. The most beautiful home my 20-year-old eyes had ever seen.

That was over 30 years ago and the road to here sure hasn’t been a smooth one by any means, but it has been an adventure.

We haven’t inherited any land or house. We got it the old fashion way. Through hard work and being very tight with what money we had.

You can read more about it here if you like: The Beginning

We saved and build our homes without borrowing money. (That’s a younger FarmMan up there)

The early years were hard. Very hard. Saving and working. With 2 small boys. Buying building materials instead of new automobiles, instead of fancy name brand clothes. Driving older used cars, shopping at the salvation army and thrift stores. Sticking to a tight food budget.

In less than 7 years (7 long years) we were out of the trailer and in our first home we built. Together.

And it was paid for, plus we paid off the 7 acres of land by then also. We were so proud.

Four years later we had sold the first house and land and bought 50 acres of land.

And were back in a trailer ( that is a slimmer, younger FarmMan up there).

While we built this house. Together.

Then we decided it would be more practical to have less house and more land. So we once again we sold our home, bought 100 acres and built this house. Together.

Which turned into this house after a few years.

So, after 30 years, here we are. Still haven’t inherited anything. We didn’t have any hand outs. We paid as we went. Still paying as we go. It wasn’t and still isn’t any easier. I still shop thrift stores. We still haven’t bought new cars, trucks, or tractors.

I wouldn’t trade the bumpy ride to here for anything!

It has been quite the adventure.

The commenter did comment again later after she saw the post I had written about where we started from. She apologized. Thank-you.

It is hard doing things your way. Hard to listen to relatives comment about how poor you look, about your old car, as you struggle along working and saving.

We did it our way . It isn’t the way for a lot of folks.

I can’t wait for the next adventure!

You can read more about our adventures on the farm here: Life on a Southern Farm

Have a great day.