Building Garden Fence Boxes

| 5/16/2012 8:07:46 PM

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In this second part of my discussion on garden fence boxes, we’ll look at how I built the boxes for my garden. First a quick review.


Why boxes?  Because my property is on a mountain side and our yard is sloping, I chose to use raised beds to keep my garden from washing down the slope every time we get a hard rain.

Why fencing?  To keep rabbits and dogs out of my crops.  If coon, possum or deer were a problem for us I’d need to modify the design to suit the pest: at least cover the top with mesh too, and lock the boxes down.

Why not a perimeter fence?  My garden cuts a swath up the center of my main “yard”: the area with fewest trees and the most sunshine.  To perform routine maintenance I must traverse this area frequently with my lil tractor and wagon.  Having to get off the tractor to open and close gates is a hassle, and I have yet to be able to build a rabbit-proof gate.

Variations on a Theme

01 Hoop houses 

I am converting the hoop houses I built last fall, for reasons that were discussed in the last segment, to use a different design.

8/15/2016 8:26:16 AM

I covered my small elderberry bush/tree with sheer netting curtains that I picked up at the thrift store to keep the robins out. I tried using the bird netting but it's a hastle to put it on the tree, take it off and fold it up again for next year. You could probably use one for a flat roof on your square food garden to keep birds out. They were very inexpensive too.

8/3/2016 9:07:12 PM

Very nice :) WalMart sells double polished clear vinyl sheet (Kittrich Corporation brand) by the foot in their fabric area. That might be useful for crafting covers for the Winter. I used my sewing machine and clear nylon thread to make waterproof/snowproof covers from the vinyl but if you don't sew you could always use clear Gorilla tape to craft the covers.

1/23/2015 1:09:26 AM

I visited your link and was very much glad to see this beautiful project.I appreciated your insightful ideas.It is well said that People use fence for both safety and security purpose and for beautification as well. I also deal with fencing supplies and love to read your topics and I think your insight will definitely inspire to every homeowners. Nice share.

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