BriteTap Chick Feeder Grows With Your Flock

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2 / 2, LLC announced that its newest product, the BriteTap® Chick Feeder, is now available for pre-sale on the company’s web site. The patent pending BriteTap Feeder keeps chick’s food free from contamination, is easier to fill than other chick feeders, and can be used outdoors to provide scratch, grit, mealworms, and oyster shells when the chicks mature and leave the brooder.

The BriteTap Feeder is comprised of a Feeder Tube that acts as a reservoir for food, a Lid that covers the feeder tube and allows users to easily refill the feeder, a Shield that surrounds the Feeder Tube to protect chick’s food from contamination, rain and snow, and a Base that dispenses the food.

Keeps Food More Sanitary

The BriteTap Feeder’s unique Shield blocks chicks from perching on top of the feed tray and thus keeps the feed free from droppings. As chicks mature, the Shield can be raised by screwing it up the threads on the outside of the Feeder Tube in much the same way that a nut screws up a bolt. Periodically raising the shield allows chicks to feed comfortably as they grow taller while still preventing them from perching on the Base.

When attached to a metal or plastic base and filled, the BriteTap Chick Feeder holds 4 cups (20 ounces) of feed, scratch, grit or oyster shells. Owners can increase the capacity of the feeder by an additional 2 cups (10 ounces) by purchasing an additional Feeder Tube. The Feed Tubes screw together, allowing owners to extend the capacity of the BriteTap feeder. Each additional tube holds 2 cups (10 ounces) of food.

Easier Filling/No Mess or Waste

The BriteTap Feeder is easier to fill and more economical than traditional Mason jar feeders. These traditional feeders require owners to remove the jar and invert the feeder base in order to refill them. This necessarily results in spills and wasted feed. The BriteTap Feeder stays attached to the base at all times. Users re-fill the BriteTap Feeder by opening the Lid on the Feeder Tube and re-filling from the top. No inversion. No spills. No wasted feed.

Grows With the Flock

The BriteTap Feeder can be used long after chicks have left the brooder and other chick feeders have been placed into storage. When chicks mature, the BrtieTap Feeder can be used outdoors to provide scratch, grit, oyster shells or a combination of all of these to adult chickens. The Shield on the BriteTap Feeder serves the additional purpose of preventing rain and snow from entering the Base and thus prevents these foodstuffs from spoiling.

Pre-Sale Now Accepted

The BriteTap Chick Feeder is now available for pre-sale online. Product will begin to shipping to customers the second week in March 2015. A kit containing the Feeder Tube, Lid and Shield costs $29.95 + shipping & handling. Since many potential customers already own a chick feeder base, a red plastic base is sold separately for $5 for those needing one. Extra Feeder Tubes to extend the capacity are sold as an accessory for $10. Customers buying during the pre-sale period will receive a free 1/2 cup feed scoop with their orders.

About‘s mission is to make it easier for poultry hobbyists, urban farmers, and homesteaders to keep a healthy flock of chickens. In 2012, the company launched the BriteTap® chicken waterer, a dispenser that shields poultry’s water from contamination by dirt and debris, thereby providing cleaner and safer water than traditional pan-style chicken waterers. is a privately held company located in Palo Alto, California, USA.

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