A Quick Trip to NC

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By Tabatha and Shane

I recently traveled to Havelock, NC for two months to train other Marines in my job field.  My weekends were spent driving around the area and admiring the gardens and colorful landscaping.  I found a some great picture opportunities for my digital camera, and a chance to show my wife and children this beautiful area. where I was previously stationed from 2002-2005.

One of the streets that I drove on provided an interesting find.  I spotted a home where the owners apparently purchased the front and back lots and used the rear lot as a garden.  I must admit that some jealousy ran through me for a few seconds.  The owners had also erected a bird motel consisting of numerous hollowed out gourds.  This is a great way to keep your natural insect control close at hand!

I even managed to find an elevated water barrel that was used to water a short row of vining plants.  This is something I have been seeing a lot of in gardening posts on various sites, and I am interested in trying this in the future.

While my home in California, and most of the western US was in a drought, I was pounded with rain during the majority of my trip in NC.  During a trip to the local New Bern Farmer’s Market in New Bern, NC, I was informed that there had been an incredibly long dry spell there as well.  I guess my arrival coincidentily marked the beginning of the much appreciated and needed wet weather.

  My time in NC was enjoyable, but it’s great to be home again and tending to my own crops at Stone Hill Garden in sunny Southern California.  My summer crops did not fair so well with the intense heat, so I am hoping for a good fall/winter harvest.  Happy planting and picking to all, and feel free to visit us at FaceBook.

Published on Oct 22, 2012

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