Yesterday’s horses for tomorrow’s riders

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© 2007 Simrat Khalsa

The first Spanish horses were brought to the New World more than 500 years ago. And 50 years ago, fans of the Spanish mustang formed the Spanish Mustang Registry.

The pure Spanish mustang was heading for extinction in the early 1900s when Robert Brislawn began a lifelong effort to preserve the breed. In 1925, starting with two foundation stallions, Buckshot and Ute, Brislawn bred and recorded the purest Spanish mustangs he could find. In 1957, he founded the registery, the first of its kind, with 20 carefully selected horses. The registry now lists more than 3,000 horses.

A tough horse, the Spanish mustang has made a name in endurance racing, and the breed is now shown in dressage. But the breed is best known as American’s first trail horses.

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