Plum Preserves Recipe and Honey

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A simple recipe for delicious Plum Preserves.
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Delicious and easy, this Plum Honey goes great on toast, biscuits or ice cream.

A number of people answered the call, including Marietta Gallino, Valentine, Nebraska, who sends two quick recipes, saying, “These are both very good. We like it (the honey) on homemade biscuits and also ice cream. Yum.”

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Plum Preserves Recipe  

In large saucepan, combine equal amounts of sugar and pitted wild plums and juice; cook to thicken.

NOTE: I use the microwave to prevent scorching.

Plum Honey

1 cup plum pulp and juice
2 cups sugar

Cook for only 5 minutes. Add a little juice and equal amount of sugar if pulp is too thick.

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