Recipe Box: Desserts and More

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by Adobestock/Kris Black

Many of the requests for Recipe Box involve desserts. Our collection this issue includes gumdrop cakes, Friendship Starter and Cake, no-bake cookies and a squash pie. To offset the sweet goodness, we also have a canned salsa recipe just in time for those extra tomatoes this summer.

No Bake Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Amish Heritage Gumdrop Cake Recipe

Gumdrop Cake Recipe

Gumdrop Cookies Recipe

Orange Slice Candy Cake

Friendship Starter and Cake Recipe

30 Day Friendship Cake Recipe

No-Bake Cookies

Cushaw Pie Recipe

Cushaw Pie Recipe with Cinnamon

Salsa Sauce Recipe

Green Chili Salsa Recipe

For those of you reading Recipe Box for the first time, here’s a quick rundown of how it works. Readers send in requests for remembered recipes from Grandma’s table or recipes that have been lost or misplaced. Those requests are published as we have space, and while we’ve tried to publish every request, that, unfortunately, is no longer possible. We simply don’t have the space.

A new blog is another way that we publish requests and enlist readers to send in recipes. Visit us at

A file is created for each request, where responses are placed as they arrive. After a few months, we publish one or two of the responses. The entire packet of response recipes eventually is sent to the person who made the original request.

The process often takes longer than a year to complete. We are attempting to narrow that time frame, so please bear with us.

We ask that recipes be sent to our offices so we can publish them in future issues. We would prefer you not send stamped envelopes; we’ll be sure to forward your recipe.

When sending in a request, please include your full mailing address and a phone number. When sending in a response, please include the same information; and if responding to more than one request, please use a different sheet of paper for each recipe. We publish only names, cities and states; the phone number is only for fact checking.

If you’ve sent in a request and it hasn’t appeared, please try again. If you haven’t seen any responses to your request, you may be receiving a packet of recipes in the near future. And you’re welcome to e-mail requests and responses to Enjoy every one of them!

A lifelong love of sweets has Senior Associate Editor Jean Teller exercising her monumental willpower as she considers recipes before writing Recipe Box.

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