Winter projects

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Gardening is over for this year, Christmas cards have been sent, shopping for gifts has been completed, and decorations have been carefully put in place with care. Now begins the winter projects.  The ones that have been literally piling up over the summer.  Those things that I was always going to get around to doing but just never quite had the time to do.

Like all those clothes from the laundry room that need sorting. It’s just not one of those tasks that I love to do. It’s a necessary responsibility, but even the low priority to-do things get to a point where they can not be put off any longer.  Well, I guess this is at that point.

Yeah, like that hole in the ceiling from emergency plumbing repair. This time, yes there have been other times, I am going to come up with a removable cover for easier access to the plumbing instead of just covering the ceiling with drywall. 

Yeah, speaking of plumbing. This drain in the laundry was discovered to be totally plugged.  The drain for the washing machine works just fine.  The complication is that this drain is in an area of the house that is on a slab.  So if the trap needs to be replaced, a section of the floor has to be removed to dig out the trap.  Not fun.

Then there’s the seed-starting area that needs a total clean to get ready for the next gardening year.  I’m going to use this area to grow microgreens until the seeds are started in February.

In my spare time the basement clean up is always available to be worked on. Yeah, when my wife died I just shoved a lot of stuff into the basement to deal with later.  Well, that was 16 years ago and the basement is still a mess. My 13-year-old grandson would like to make this a man cave with big screen TV for gaming and a computer desk.

So you see, the next couple months will be filled with plenty of things to work on. Now all I have to do is find the energy and desire to get them done.

You have any winter projects that need attention over the winter months?

Have a great time through the Christmas season and may all your winter projects be completed without complications or extra cost.

Nebraska Dave