The Winter Food Storage Area Project

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The Christmas frenzy is over and the New Year has begun. The seed catalogs have been arriving and plans for the new year gardens and flower pots are dancing through my head. The countdown begins toward Spring with under 80 days left and counting. What to do until Spring arrives with the business of planting and preparing for harvest, becomes the question at hand? Well, for me it’s a good project inside the house down in the deep dark depths of the incredibly messy basement. My daughter won’t go down there as she says, “It’s just too scary.” Things have been lost in the 25 year archival warehouse for decades. Who knows what lurks in the darkness? Only the Shadow knows. OK you have to be over 50 to know what that one means.

Well my designed project of choice to keep me busy through the Winter months as the wind blows and the snow falls, will be to build a food storage area for next year’s garden harvest. What say you? Want to travel along and see how it all happens? OK, but I must warn you that it will not be for faint of heart nor those of weak character. So let us begin.

OK, I see that some have run away covering their eyes in horror at the organizational disarray that has terrorized their psyche. Hopefully not too many sessions of therapy will be needed to eliminate the nightmares and cold bone chilling night time sweats. Who will we send into the scary dungeon of the house to bring order once again. Old Nebaska Dave will go. Equipped with brooms, shovels, and trash bags, fearless in every way and never a thought for his own saftey, he disappears into the murky depths of the staircase that leads down down down into the very heart of disorganizational terror. Will he ever be seen again? Will he be able to overcome the evil foe that silently awaits him in the darkness below. Well, read on my friends and see if Old Nebraska Dave will survive the encounter.

Biff Bam Slam Pow Bang Crunch Yeow

The battle rages on and although hours pass Old Nebraska Dave continues to fight the evil that refuses to leave the area that it’s lived in for oh so long. Finally after two loads hauled screaming and kicking to the local dump and a pile of rubble piled in the corner of the basement the enemy succumbs to defeat.

Old Nebraska Dave a little tattered and torn emerges from that terrible part of the basement with victory in the never ending battle between organization and disorganization. Super hero he is not but instead just an Old Nebraska boy determined to “Git ‘er done.” Now the real battle begins. Once an area is cleaned it seems that it creates a vacuum in that if the area is not filled with proper organization it will suck disorganization into the area double what has been removed. It’s one of the natural laws of vacuum.

After two cups of coffee, a nap, and good long soak in a hot bath, Old Nebraska Dave begins to assemble parts for the electrical work that comes next. With only one weak light in the ceiling with a pull chain, Old Dave makes fearless plans to add one addition light and a wall switch to flood the area with light. So tune in next time for the shocking story of Old Nebraksa Dave’s wiring experiences.

The thought for today is “There are old electricians and there are bold electricians but there are no old bold electricians.”

Happy New Year to all!