Why Kids Need History

I am blessed with children who really like history, and they are happy to attend things like Pioneer Days or Threshing Shows with me.

It is important for kids to know history. It is important for kids to see history in action when they get the chance.

 It helps explain how we got to where we are today. It helps show we’ve made improvements…

But in some ways we’ve really complicated things.

History teaches. And it is important that our kids are exposed to that.

 Because showing and teaching our kids history means a small bit of it stays alive. 

 The sign on this tractor says “1912 30-60 Pioneer. 1 of 12 existing.” This tractor is 100 years old. Many of the people who first used this tractor are no longer alive.

Every day, we are losing people who can share bits of history with us. Who can tell us how things really were from their own memories instead of us having to read some version of it in a textbook. These are the people who can tell us how things worked, how things smelled, what happened when things went wrong.

 Get your kids involved with history. Share a bit of the past with the children in your life.

 Kids need to know history, before the resources who can really tell us about it are gone. 🙂

Note: All pictures taken at Albany Pioneer Days (Minnesota), September 2012

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Published on Sep 28, 2012

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