What Will This Winter Be Like?

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There are several different opinions on what this coming winter will be like, from mild to very cold.

I’m no expert, but I’d say we’re in for a very harsh winter here in Bellville based on my humble observations.

The squirrels, chipmunks and other critters are raiding the bird feeders and burying the sunflower seeds everywhere.

The woodchuck, deer and rabbits are munching all the apples that are falling from the over-loaded apple trees. I’ve never seen the trees with so many apples!

And the oak trees are loaded with acorns; I gather them each year to feed the squirrels in the winter. I went out yesterday to do some gathering and gave up after 10 minutes because I was being pelted in the head with falling acorns. LOL!

I asked a meteorologist friend if the abundance of acorns meant anything and he told me folklore says when the oak trees are loaded with acorns it means a harsh winter!

My miniature donkeys, Samson and Delilah, have already put on “winter coats.” That’s way too early. But, our overnight temperatures have been dipping as low as 42 degrees for some time.

The trees are finally getting their fall colors … rather late this year.

We should have enough wood for the outdoor wood furnace even if we have a harsh winter. A friend has a tree service and we get trees from him to cut up.

The garden has been done for some time. I really miss the fresh, juicy tomatoes!

We have woolly bear caterpillars in the barn and to my amazement, they are all brown, no black bands. I looked up the story of the woolly bear on the internet: “According to folk wisdom, when the brown bands on fall woolly bears are narrow, it means a harsh winter is coming. The wider the brown band, the milder the winter will be.”

Now, I’m really uncertain what kind of winter we’re going to have this year! I just have to wait and see …