Summer on Our North Texas Homestead

Reader Contribution by Faithful Homesteader
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We are at the hottest part of the year here in North Texas. I am feeling it and so are the chickens. However, we are still getting some good produce from the garden and we have actually had a wetter summer than normal.

I am happy with how well the garden is doing this year. Since we have had so much produce and limited storage space, we have been able to share plenty with our friends and family. I have had more than one person rave about just how good our tomatoes taste. I like hearing that and I love sharing something with people that they will really like.

Our squash and zucchini are done for the year, but we have plenty of tomatoes, peppers, and Asian beans. Even though it is summer, we have been eating many veggie stews. It goes well with my modified paleo diet and is an easy way to use up the veggies.

We have had so many tomatoes that we have not even been bothered by the chickens eating them off the vine. They can’t reach all of the them. They have also been enjoying our garden watermelon. It is a great treat for them in the heat of the day.

I sure hate to see the girls getting so hot. We give plenty of water and they have lots of shaded area, but it is still obvious that the heat is getting to them. It is getting to me, too. It certainly limits my time outdoors so I don’t get to spend much time with them. With the wetter summer, we are getting more humidity than usual and that certainly doesn’t help.

I am holding out for fall and I bet the girls will be glad for it, too. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy all of our garden goodies. I am not sure what is in store for our fall garden; that will be up to my husband.

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