A Luxurious Afternoon at Sea

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Cape Town is a beautiful city on the Atlantic Ocean and a must-see destination in South Africa. Naturally, because of its location, locals and tourists alike take advantage of all the leisure activities available, including an afternoon cruise.

My cruise was aboard the Mirage. The 76-foot luxury catamaran was built to be able to host yacht parties as well as host smaller groups out to enjoy the sea breeze, scenic beauty, and marine animal life.

Almost immediately, we started to see dolphins following the yacht; soon after, we came upon several African penguins floating on the surf hunting for fish. Along the shoreline we watched athletes parachuting off the face of the mountain and drifting toward the water in the shadow of Table Mountain.

We passed seals and cormorants on rocks lining the shoreline, and a beach with its sunbathers and colorful umbrellas.

The yacht was designed for luxury, and almost as soon as we boarded a shipmate brought a bottle of champagne and began to pour. I requested my usual Diet Coke, but they delivered it with just as much elegance as they had the bubbly for my friends.

For private parties gourmet cuisine is offered, making the yacht the perfect location for any number of occasions — anniversaries, birthdays, corporate functions, and special events. The surroundings couldn’t be better, with the beautifully-appointed yacht and the glorious scenery of Cape Town, Table Mountain, and the ocean’s wildlife. Plus, the yacht was customized to withstand the unpredictable weather conditions of the Cape.

Our excursion was a lovely way to experience Cape Town.

Back on shore, we stood and watched a seal clap its flippers and do “handstands” in the water just off the dock as a final anecdote from the cruise. The sea-air, sunshine, and natural beauty offered the perfect way to relax and enjoy another chapter of my South African experience.