Floating in the Dead Sea: A Fun and Unusual Outing

Reader Contribution by Marilyn Jones
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From our hotel in Sweimeh, Jordan, we took a short shuttle ride to the Dead Sea. The fun began even before I reached the beautiful beach lined with recliners and colorful umbrellas. Two members of my Exodus Travels tour group were already in a small enclosure laughing as they smeared Dead Sea mud all over themselves. Soon everyone joined in the fun.

The mud, like the water, is rich in minerals and very good for the skin.

The Dead Sea is one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world. Its name comes from the fact that the water is far too salty for marine life.

Soon our mud-covered troop headed for the beach and the Dead Sea. Because of its high content of salt, it is nearly impossible to sink. The water was surprisingly warm and felt good on my skin. I floated and enjoyed this unusual encounter for more than an hour until the sun began to set. I hurriedly got my camera and walked a good distance from the beach to get a photo of the sun reflecting on the sea as it set. The perfect ending of another perfect day.

If you have the opportunity to experience a dip in the Dead Sea while in Jordan or Israel, make sure and wear waterproof sandals. The salt can be jagged and can cut your feet. Also, only float on your back. Accidents happen when weak swimmers try to swim stomach-down because their legs float best and their head will be submerged. Short of drowning, inhaling the water can cause life threatening medical problems because of the water’s very high electrolyte content.

So, be safe and have fun. It’s an experience you’ll never forget!!

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