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Swift Green Filters specializes in making replacement home
water filters for your fridge. The convenience of accessing filtered water
through ones fridge is quite obvious, but some might wonder how a water filter
made out of plastic and carbon could be Green.

The use of activated carbon to remove harmful impurities
from water has been practiced since Roman times. Activated carbon is extremely
porous with a very large surface area, making it an effective adsorbent
material, and common natural substances like lignite, bituminous and anthracite
coal and peat, wood and coconut shell can be used to make activated

The traditional method of taking natural substances and
making activated carbon, known as open pit charring, releases harmful green
house gasses into the atmosphere without any control or treatment. To be more
precise, making a 10-inch carbon block emits 1.3 kilograms of CO2 using this

The Swift Green method chars the natural substance in a
reactor, thereby capturing the green house gasses and using them under
controlled conditions for the production of thermal energy. Through this
method, 400 kilograms of volatile gasses per ton of natural substance used are
halted from entering our atmosphere.

What about the plastic, packaging and exhausted carbon block
when the filters reach the end of their life cycle? The packaging is
recyclable, and Swift Green’s recycling program encourages consumers to send
back their exhausted filters. The plastic is grinded and reused while the
carbon is also crushed and used for industrial and agricultural purposes.

Swift Green’s choice of using coconut shells as the natural
substance to make the activated carbon also reflects the company’s green
initiatives. Coconuts are grown in over eighty countries and have a total
production of 61 million tonnes per year. Since consumers only demand the water
and mass inside of the coconut, the shells are left for waste, and most often
they are either thrown in the ocean or burned.

We take post-consumer
waste and make a product that promotes a healthy lifestyle. In the process, we
don’t harm the environment
” — Parkash Suri, President of Swift Green

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