Winter Work

Reader Contribution by Texas Pioneer Woman
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It is not officially winter time in Texas, but we have been cold! This time of year after the fall back of the clock, the days seem shorter and the nights longer. This time of year is nice, because it feels cozier around the farm. We rush home from our jobs to get our farm work done before nightfall, often doing chores by flashlight. We still got animals to tend to, eggs to collect, and wood to gather to heat the house. Our weekends will be spent bottling the homemade wine and preparing for the winter slaughter to feed our family.

But this time of year offers a rest from a long, hot summer. With shorter days and less outside work to do, we have time to visit with friends and family more, sit around the fire, play board games and puzzles, and do more crafts. I am making my first quilt. I have been cutting our old outgrown clothes into fat squares and now have enough to complete a quilt. I also will start a new crochet project.

There is still a lot of indoor work in preparation for visitors for the holidays. I need to dust the whole house, plan holiday menus, and make some homemade gifts. But, oh how time seems to slow down and give us time to reflect on all we have to be thankful for! And indeed I am thankful for my family and friends, our freedom in our great country, our jobs, our farm and our health. May you too have lots to be thankful for!

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