Win Some, Lose Some

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Win some, lose some. Ask the college basketball coaches. It’s the same for all of us. Take the seeds I started in the basement. It took weeks before I figured out the failure was due to a mouse having breakfast, dinner and supper on seedlings. I started over, the seedlings are doing nicely, a month late. Not to mention the costly seeds lost.

Then I look at my freshly baked sourdough bread. Definitely a Win, thanks to a friend who shared her sourdough starter. Sourdough bread takes time and patience, but it is worth it. If you need a recipe, just ask.

There are the plants damaged by the untimely weather. Tulips, peonies; not one lilac bouquet. I have never seen such brown leaves on peonies. Hopefully there will still be blooms. The hydrangea tree — damaged.

I jumped to the conclusion that I had had spray damage. Perhaps the cornfield across the road, or our freshly planted cornfield a long field away.

Then my son showed me his weather compilations. Extra warm March, (I had enjoyed, blissfully); then the first week of April night time temperatures below 30 or just above. For a week.

It wasn’t chemical burn, but the weather. Farming is our livelihood; spraying before planting is part of the process. Operators are careful to spray when the air is calm and to keep their equipment working properly. But I continue to be suspicious.

The herb pot is doing nicely since I inserted the plastic bottle with side holes and rocks for better water retention.

The bright pot of violas at the back door tells me that not all is lost. A definite Win.

My southern sister is coming for a visit. Flowers are blooming at the back door, and fresh bread; a definite Win.